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2008-06-02 20:43:28 by Blasain1121

Hey people. Probably not alot of people are going to read this, but I feel that I should post it anyways :D. So I just posted my first submission to Newgrounds ( Bolero Of Fire ). Review it if you want :].

Anyways, during the summer I am going to get a new laptop ( Dell XPS ). Im getting it for mostly gaming, but I was thinking of getting Adobe Flash for it and start learning and creating Flash movies. I really have no idea how Flash works, But I'm a quick learner :D. And I was also thinking of getting a Wacom Tablet. I have no idea how that works either. So if you happen to read this, check out my page during the summer and you might see some 1337 flash vids.


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2008-06-03 03:53:59

Well if you are still going to produce Audio, know that FL7 need a lot of RAM to work good ;) But I think your Dell could handle this - btw if you got XB360: Alone in the Dark Demo coming on 13. May ^^